Ancient Roots, Modern Holidays For Kids - Three Kings Day, Epiphany, Jan 6th Illustration

Ancient Roots, Modern Holidays For Kids - Day of the Three Kings

For Kids: The day of the Three Kings, also called Epiphany, is celebrated in many homes around the world on Jan 6th each year. It is a day of remembrance.

Since the Three Kings ride camels, the night before Three Kings Day, on January 5th, kids leave their shoes or an empty box stuff with straw or grass either outside their home or under their bed, to give the magical camels something to eat. In the morning, the straw is gone and little toys and candies are left in its place.

This holiday tradition is not just for kids. Some Hispanic traditions include the relatives! Close relatives also put a box under their beds filled with grass or straw for the camels. In the morning, the grass is gone. In its place are gifts for the children in the family.

There is a special bread that is baked for Three Kings Day called Rosca bread. This bread is shaped like a crown. Each loaf of Rosca bread has a prize baked inside. Legend says ... Good luck will come to the person who finds the prize.

In some places, Three Kings Day is called "Little Christmas", possibly because of the little prizes that are found in shoes and in Rosca bread, on this day of remembrance.

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