US Flag & Flag Day Illustration

Flag Day & Flag Etiquette

Flag Etiquette

The following are not laws;
they are examples of courteous flag etiquette.
  1. Fly a U.S. flag above all other flags on a flagpole.

  2. An upside-down flag is a sign of distress.

  3. A flag at half-mast is a sign of mourning.

  4. When raising or lowering a flag half-mast, first raise the flag to the top of the flagpole.

  5. It is unacceptable to lower a flag over a casket into a grave.

  6. It is acceptable to display a flag at night if it is properly illuminated.

  7. The blue portion of the flag will be visible on a properly folded flag.

  8. Give a flag that's beyond repair to your local American Legion Post - they will dispose of it properly.

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