Grandparents Day - History, Games, Activities for Kids and Teachers Illustration

Grandparents Day in September for Kids

For Kids:  Did you think Grandparents Day had roots in the ancient cultures? Nope. Like Mother's Day and Father's Day, Grandparents Day is a modern American holiday.

In 1978, President Carter proclaimed Grandparents Day as a National Holiday, to be celebrated in September.

You might be thinking - wait, didn't the ancient Chinese honor their ancestors? They did! All of them. All the time.

This is different. Grandparents Day is the day we set aside each year to remind ourselves of the importance of grandparents, and it's a day for our grandparents to remember the importance of grandkids. Grandparents Day is a two-way holiday, which makes it a perfect holiday for a family reunion.

You may not have any living grandparents of your own - not to worry. Anyone's grandparents will do. Grandparents Day is also a holiday to honor our older generation. This generation has a great deal to offer - knowledge, guidance, wisdom, laughter, and love. (And quite often, great cookies!)

Starfall - It's Grandparents Day!