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Ancient Roots, Modern Holidays - Islamic Holidays & Festivals

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What is Ramadan? There are over one billion Muslims in the world. They all celebrate Ramaden. Ramadan is a month long activity. It does not fall on the same month each year, so you need to look up the month Ramadan will be celebrated. Ramaden is the most important month in the Islamic religion. It is a time of giving, not of wealth, but of kindness. It reminds all Muslims the importance of good deeds. 

Haji Firuz: Today, in Persia, people might still go on a picnic because in Iran (also called Persia) the New Year is celebrated on the first day of spring, and is a great deal of fun. Haji Firuz, in a red hat and coat, plays his little drum and sings songs. The food is terrific. The mood wonderful! Persian New year is a 13 day good time, with a great deal of history and charm.

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